vendredi 10 novembre 2006

Flying away.

Inside the Golden temple complex in Amritasr.
Big festivities are going on, it was the day before the 400 th anniversary of the "book".

Praying. Amritsar

The Golden Temple

Limca. Amritsar


A kid trying a turban with his father in a shop in Amritsar.
I kind of liked the face of the kid and the one on the poster..


Criss crossing



A golden moment.

Portrait of a Sikh. Amritsar.

Ritual Bath


A Sikh pilgrim

Afternoon prayer

Holy Bath. Amritsar

A baby having his first "holy" bath in the sacred tank.

Food. Amritsar

After having been praying inside the Golden temple, all the pilgrims can get free food.

Dishwashing. Amritsar

Cleaning the bowl where the pilgrims get temple water to drink, inside the Golden temple in Amristar


Praying. Amritsar

A golden light. Amritsar

Parade. Golden Temple.

Golden temple. Amritsar. Punjab

A Nice view. Amritsar

Details. Amritsar

Parade. Golden Temple.

Praying. Amritsar

Paying respect at the entrance of the fabulous Golden temple in Amritsar

Smile. Amritsar

A portrait of a sikh inside the golden temple in Amritsar..
We were all resting in the shade, the temperature being really high.
Looking at the bigger size you'll be able to see how hot it was and how sweaty we were !!

Holy Bath. Amritsar

Coming off the sacred tank in Amritsar

Shop. Amritsar

A sikh in his shop in Amritsar, selling..... Chicken

Smile. Amritsar

An sikh coming to pray at the beautiful Golden temple. This shot was taken the day before the big ceremony of the 400th anniversary.
He was coming from a village with his gear to spend the festivities there.. Nice smile.